Consumer Tips: 
Recently, we received some feedbacks from some HAM that the details of the WINDCAMP products they purchased were quite different from our official pictures.
After screening and investigating carefully, we now confirm that some unscrupulous mechants are counterfeiting our products,including but no limited to the following stores.


1. Platform: Banggood


2. Platform: AliExpress
Store Name: HamRadioshop Store
(Store No.4951008)


3. Platform: AliExpress
Store Name: SZHQ Eelectronic Store
(Store No. 5586049)



Now WINDCAMP has collected evidence of such infringement and will take further measures.
We recommend that you choose AliExpress WINDCAMP Official Store or Amazon to purchase WINDCAMP products first. If you are not sure whether the products you purchased are the genuine WINDCAMP, please contact us and take multi-angle photos, we will screen it for you.
In addition, please pay attention, we have suspended the supply of YAESU FT-818/857/891 PTT/Headset/CAT Adapter since 2020. All the on sale products currently are counterfeit products.




Contact: Eric Liu, BG9DW

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E-mail (Sales):
Official Store:
Add: NO.1 LiJing Rd. Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, CHINA, 528415


We will launch our new domain name in the fourth quarter of 2019.  In the interim, the current domain name,, will continue being used and therefore the old and new domain names, including but not limited to web pages, products and product pictures, instruction manuals and brochures, will coexist for a certain period of time until the transition is completed.